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Educational Backgammon Video Courses – Intermediate course released

With great pleasure, I would like to announce that Backgammon Coaching will have all the courses ready by summer! What are the backgammon educational courses?

Backgammon educational courses are a series of videos where people can study their way up from a beginner to a world-class player. The Series of videos in each course includes an Early game, Middle game, End game & Cube action, all related to the category’s level. Courses are supposed to represent a proper backgammon curriculum. The guidance every player should have in understanding the game of backgammon. Backgammon Coaching sets the curriculum from the easiest positions, where it already focuses on fully understanding the reason for the moves and its ideas. Each course gives you great basics to advance in the curriculum.

What categories do courses introduce?

Intermediate course– focuses shortly on the opening moves, reasons, and purposes played in a certain way. It puts pressure on understanding what you want to accomplish after them. Gives you guidance in the later stage of the game. The middle game focuses on the most common game plans. In backgammon, there are certain types of games that represent the whole game’s idea. We differentiate them and talk about ways how to make certain decisions. Race, Blitz, Prime, Holding game. Those are the topics to cover. Once watching the Intermediate Middle game part, you will have a good standard to continue to the Advanced course. Every game should end with the End game,where you will learn about the general idea of Bear in and Bear off situations; technicalities in the End game will teach you how to understand the approach to other situations as well. Last but not least – the cube action part. This part introduces the concept of the doubling cube – you’ll know when it is right to double and what you should look for when facing a take or pass decision. If you do not know what market loser means, check the course out!

Where can you find these courses?

All courses will be available on Vimeo. Currently, the only one available is the Intermediate Backgammon Course (Backgammon 101). Check it out here. This course is currently close to 6 hours long, including 14 videos. The price for the course is set at $199. There can always be more videos added in the future. If we add more content, the price may go up accordingly. As announced earlier, Backgammon Coaching is currently preparing an Advanced course & World-class course. Both courses should have over 15+ hours of content! We want to help you become the player you want to be! So, would you consider joining us and investing in yourself to learn how to think about backgammon and crush the tournaments? 🙂

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