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Courses & Workshops

Backgammon Coaching is the only platform offering high-quality Backgammon Video Courses! Courses represent a backgammon curriculum in THREE stages. Intermediate, Advanced & World class course will give you a fast track to get your game to compete with the best players in the world.

Welcome to Backgammon University. We created a backgammon curriculum where we will show you from the start how to think about the game and teach you the basics in a way that you do not get confused in the later stage. There are three primary courses – Intermediate course, Advanced course & World-class course. Once you watch, learn, and understand the topics, ideas, and positions in these courses covering the whole backgammon game, you will be ready to compete with the best players worldwide. Understanding is a crucial element for us. We put pressure on explanations and a complete understanding of the idea. We want you never to guess what the right play is; we want to guide you on how to think, how to look at positions and the backgammon game in general.

Intermediate Video Course

(Backgammon 101) – Ideal for PR range (9 – 20+)

The Intermediate 6-hour course gives you the basics of everything. Early game and idea of how to play the first few moves – when to go for the anchor, when it is better to fight, how to play doubles at the beginning. Many players play the first moves randomly without knowing why. They make big unnecessary mistakes when they do not continue fighting for the good points, or they do not split at the right time. We will show you what factors you should look for when deciding whether to hit or play safe!

Advanced Video Course

(Backgammon 201) – Ideal for PR range (5 – 12)


The Advanced course is a crucial step to get you from the Intermediate category to an Open division. The advanced course is a challenging road that will cover many topics in detail and the real understanding of the moves. This course focuses on the most common scenarios, positions, and references that backgammon has. After watching & understanding everything in this course to the detail, you may bring your game to the PR 5 range! Players with this knowledge are already winning big tournaments! Make sure you give yourself a chance to be one of the players with a solid chance to win a title! This course provides you with the fastest and most engaging way to improve into an Expert player!

World-Class Video Course

(Backgammon 501)


Ideal for anyone who is interested in backgammon knowledge & wants to understand the game perfectly

The World-Class course is the final step to become a real professional world class player. Years of experience put into the study and practice. Final shortcut for you to become the real player in backgammon. This course gives you the opportunity to become the master of the game, crushing the action online & live. This course will give you everything you need, every explanation of all thinking processes in backgammon. With the knowledge from this course, which include all kinds of most challenging checker moves to mastering the cube action at certain scores, you will be able to become a backgammon teacher yourself! You will know how to confidently explain things, how to cover the topics and how to be confident and play well in your matches.

Mastering the cube action (Backgammon 901)

Are you lost in the cube decisions? Would you like to always have an idea how to think & understand all the details from the start till the end? Mastering the cube action course brings you all the knowledge you need to know and think about regarding the backgammon cube decisions.

The course has been created as a shortcut for keen players to get to the highest level and compete in tournaments all over the world. It is a great practice to learn and explore your thinking.

Join me on the final step of the road on becoming a World Class player!

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