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Blunder Challenge – Getting ready for Monte Carlo World Championship

Blunder Challenge, the new entertaining series in which you can take part. You can compare your skills with ZZ daily at 14:00 CET on YouTube. The idea of the Blunder Challenge is the Last man standing. You play and advance as long as you do not make a blunder (mistake over 0.050). Once ZZ blunders over 50, he analyzes the current position and ends the video. If you would have made a mistake before, you lose. You win if you play the right moves during the video, including the final problem. If you make the same mistake as ZZ, it is the draw for the day.

Keep track of your score or comment down below on YouTube and challenge other players & let’s see who masters this challenge. In all cases, no matter if the blunder will be made after a few moves or more games will be reached, you can always enjoy the ZZ´s commentary and learn about the way of thinking and his ideas.

This is an excellent practice for the World Championship in Monte Carlo, which will be held at the end of this month, and for the UBC contender tournament next year. Experience, practice, focus, right-thinking – all these things we can improve in a fun way with this series.

Check out the playlist here: Blunder Challenge

So, are you joining? 😉

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