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The Zizka Method

The Zizka Method is an introduction to Grandmaster Zdenek “ZZ” Zizka’s philosophical and strategic approach to playing backgammon. His method is rooted in the math of the game—an integral skill for any successful backgammon player—but goes beyond that, teaching you how to think through any backgammon position like a world-class player.


ZZ’s approach is based on the premise that all positions can be considered outside the ‘rule of thumb’ standard that many players attempt to master. In this book, you will learn how to break down your options based on more than the sum of the numbers you roll. When you make a given move, what could happen next? How might those possibilities affect this move? How do you know when to take a risk? Through the use of memorable stories, ZZ’s method will help you learn to connect positions and sequences of moves, allowing you to effectively look into the future of your games. His focus on the ideas, rather than the numbers, behind your options will change your approach to backgammon and improve your match outcomes.


With The Zizka Method, you’ll never find yourself lost again—you’ll have learned a valuable strategic perspective that can guide you through every move you make.

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